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Euclideon: Tech Company Unveils “World’s First Holographic Table” (Video)

by Joseph


An Australian company called Euclideon has unveiled what it is calling the “world’s first holographic table,” but let me go ahead and clear something up right now – unlike the holographic projectors you’ve seen in countless scifi movies, this table requires motion-tracking glasses to work. That disclaimer aside, I will begrudgingly admit that this still looks pretty cool.

Up to four people can use the Euclideon holographic table at once, as long as they’ve got their special glasses, and these users can not only look at but interact with the hologramic images that appear on the table through the glasses, tracked with built-in microchips. Right now it’s just a prototype, but Bruce Dell, CEO of the company, is reportedly projecting a release date in February of next year, and a retail price tag of about $47,000.

In the meantime, you can check out the Euclideon holographic table in action in the video below.



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