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eTape16: Digital Tape Measure

by Joseph


If you’re a DIY type, it’s possible you’ve had the same tape measure for decades, maybe even one that was handed down to you through generations. And you’re perfectly happy with it, as long as it provides accurate measurements, which it has for decades. But even in this hypothetical scenario, you might be interested in the eTape16, a new kind of tape measure with the functionality of the old school and a lot of new 21st century features.

The most obvious of those features is the eTape16’s digital display, which shows you measurements in real time based on the feed of the tape measure. It can also do conversions a lot faster than you can even with a smartphone, and can store and send measurement sets to your phone via Bluetooth. Basically, it works just like a regular tape measure but with a lot fewer opportunities for human error.

The eTape16 starts at $30, with a couple different versions available (one with optional Bluetooth connectivity, one without). You can get more information on the product and buy your own at the eTape16 website here.

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