Home Entertainment ‘Escape to LA’: Skate Video From Theories of Atlantis (Video)

‘Escape to LA’: Skate Video From Theories of Atlantis (Video)

by Joseph
Escape to LA

Escape to LA

Skate brand Theories of Atlantis have recently premiered a new skate video with a retro West Coast aesthetic that’s perfect for summer, with the help of professional skaters Leo Valls, Brendan Carroll, Danny Montoya, and more. It’s called Escape to LA, not to be confused with the middling John Carpenter sequel of the similar name.

Escape to LA opens with a surf-themed, Pulp Fiction-referencing title sequence, and then it’s straight to some nice sun-soaked LA skate action courtesy of the Theories of Alantis’ crew (none of which, it has been pointed out, live in Los Angeles full-time). If you’re hoping to do a little California dreamin’ today, and you’ve got ten minutes to spare, there are worse ways to spare them.

You can do that by checking out Escape to LA below. And to do a little shopping or to check out other Theories of Atlantis projects, head over to the brand’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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