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Epitome Supercar From Laraki (Photos)

by Joseph
Laraki Epitome
Laraki EpitomeLaraki EpitomeLaraki EpitomeLaraki Epitome

Businessman Abdesslam Laraki is mostly known for his endeavors in the world of luxury yachts. But he’s breaking that particular boundary at a recent exhibition at Pebble Beach, Florida, where he unveiled the Laraki Epitome, which is built on top of a C6 Corvette chassis.

The Laraki Epitome is the epitome of the luxury supercar, with a hyper-futuristic visual design and a supercharged engine. It also epitomizes luxury price tags, with one that reaches the $2 million mark.

Laraki plans to sell only nine of the Epitome supercars, so the chances of it landing in your garage are pretty much nil. But you can get a pretty good look at the car in the gallery at the top of the page—the next best thing, right?

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