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Eora 3D: Precision 3D Scanning From Your Smartphone

by Joseph
Eora 3D

Eora 3D

In case even Back to the Future Day failed to convince you that we’re living in the future, the latest advancement in the scarily-futuristic field of 3D printing will probably do the rest. It’s the Eora 3D, a precision 3D scanner designed to work with your smartphone, giving you real creative power that fits in your pocket.

The Eora 3D connects to your smartphone (as seen above) and allows you to scan three-dimensional objects to create digital three-dimensional models that are accurate down to less than 100 microns. The set also comes with an optional wireless turntable that can sync with the scanner via Bluetooth for additional scanning power.

For more on what you can do with the Eora 3D scanner, you should stop listening to me (an idiot) and consult the experts who made it at the product’s successful Kickstarter campaign here, where pre-orders start at the surprisingly cheap price point of $199.

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