Home Entertainment “Enter Sandman (FUNKED UP)” by The North 41 (Video)

“Enter Sandman (FUNKED UP)” by The North 41 (Video)

by Joseph
Enter Sandman (FUNKED UP)

Enter Sandman (FUNKED UP)

The world would probably continue to turn without kitschy funk covers of popular rock favorites. But really, what would be the point? Chicago funk outfit The North 41 has provided a new one that’s getting a lot of viral attention online, a Metallica cover entitled “Enter Sandman (FUNKED UP)” that earns its “FUNKED UP” designation with funk to spare.

“Enter Sandman (FUNKED UP)” takes the familiar tale of … whatever it is “Enter Sandman” is about and gives it a nice midwestern funk twist. Like all good riffs, this one sounds pretty good regardless of who’s playing, but honestly you should probably just listen to it yourself if you’re interested:

“Enter Sandman (FUNKED UP)” is one of only two tracks from The North 41 on Spotify, so if they have any business sense at all they’ll have a record out in the near future, while the iron is hot. Stay tuned to the artist page on Spotify here. And you can check out the song’s official video below:

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