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Enevu Cube: A “Go-Anywhere Personal Light”

by Joseph
Enevu Cube

Enevu Cube

We’ve all heard the expression “you light up the room wherever you go” (and if you haven’t, uh, maybe you’re just shy?), but now you can literally light up any room or outdoor environment with the Enevu Cube, the “go-anywhere personal light.”

The Enevu Cube is a small LED equipped with three different levels of brightness, as well as lantern and spotlight modes. Outdoor reading is no longer restricted to the whims of the sun or whatever outdoor lights may be around, and it also handles multicolored mood lighting as well. If someone from the 1800s saw you whip this thing out of your backpack they’d probably assume you were a wizard.

You can see Enevu Cube in action in the video below, and to buy yours for just under $30, or to get more information on what the Cube can do, head over to the official Enevu site right here.

Here’s the video:

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