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Encho Enchev’s Batmobile Concept (Pics)

by Joseph
Encho Enchev's Batmobile Concept

The world probably doesn’t need another Batmobile, since that particular vehicle has been redesigned countless times and will continue to be until the Batman brand finally collapses from exhaustion. But designer Encho Enchev’s Batmobile concept is still pretty cool, a futuristic spin on a car that’s traditionally pretty high-tech anyway.

Encho Enchev’s Batmobile concept looks like a hybridization of several different Batmobiles from the past, with a little bit of the Christian Bale “tumbler” and the Michael Keaton Batmobiles being the chief ingredients. It’s not reinventing the Batarang, but it’s a pretty good take on a classic.

You can see if you agree by checking out a few pictures of Encho Enchev’s Batmobile concept in the gallery below. And for more of Enchev’s work, check out his portfolio on Behance right here, where you can see the rest of his automotive concept designs and other design work (there’s even some Star Wars stuff in there).

Here’s the gallery:

Encho Enchev's Batmobile ConceptEncho Enchev's Batmobile ConceptEncho Enchev's Batmobile ConceptEncho Enchev's Batmobile Concept


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