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Get Your Car Into Your Apartment With En Suite Sky Garages (Video)

by Joseph

En Suite Parking

Parking is becoming a bigger and bigger problem these days, especially in big cities. One novel solution has recently been introduced, via The Hamilton Scotts apartment complex in Singapore. It’s called the En Suite Sky Garage, and it provides a way for the building’s upscale residents to park their cars inside their actual apartments, rather than in an underground garage.

It works like this – a resident drives his or her car into a certain spot.  Then, through the use of a biometric thumb-scanner, their car is transported to the proper apartment. But this kind of service doesn’t come cheap, as living at The Hamilton Scotts can cost anywhere from $7.5 to $24 million. But I guess sometimes you can’t put a price on peace of mind, which is exactly what the En Suite Sky Garage provides by allowing you to enjoy living in an apartment without having to worry about the possibility of your $200,000 sports car getting scratched in a public parking lot.

Still having trouble visualizing how it works?  The video below should help:

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