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En Noir Holiday 2012 Collection

by Joseph

en noir 2012 holiday collection

Designer Rob Garcia’s brainchild, the En Noir fashion label, has garnered a lot of buzz for itself in the days and weeks leading up to its holiday 2012 releases. Now, the hype comes to an end and we get our first good look at the actual clothes.

According to most, this collection doesn’t disappoint, as it is comprised of an assortment of pieces, including leather button-down shirts, sleeveless hoodies, wax gradient T-shirts and leather tank tops. And the whole collection is defined by a minimalist, single-color aesthetic for the most part — with the exception being some of their more colorful tees.

The prices of these pieces range anywhere from $150 for a wax gradient essential tee, to $1,500 for their leather hoodie.  You can check out their entire collection at En Noir’s online shop by clicking here.


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