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Emperador Humidor From Imperiali Geneve Costs $1 Million

by Joseph


I have written about a lot of overpriced stuff throughout my career, but for some reason this seems like the most ridiculous. Maybe it’s because cigars and the special boxes to store them are already a lavish expense to begin with, which makes the $1 million Emperador from Imperiali Geneve all the more excessive.

Why does the Emperador cost a million dollars? The main reason is probably something like “why not?,” whispered under a haze of thick cigar smoke, but in more practical terms that price tag reflects the chest’s 2,600 separate components. Three-hundred of those pieces go into the tourbillion timepiece on top of the case, made by a Swiss watchmaker, and encircled by 24 glass tubes with a gold-wrapped Grand Cru in each one. This is the Heaven’s Gate of humidors.

For more information on the Emperador, check out the extremely elaborate website set up for it right here. And to buy … well, let’s face it, you’re not going to buy, are you?


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