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Emoji Keyboard From EmojiWorks (Video)

by Joseph
Emoji Keyboard From EmojiWorks

Emoji Keyboard From EmojiWorks

It had to happen eventually – now, should you so choose, you have the ability to communicate exclusively by emojis as quickly and efficiently as you can with regular typing. It’s the Emoji Keyboard by EmojiWorks.

The Emoji Keyboard, it should be pointed out, can be used as a regular keyboard too, but honestly what’s the fun in that? It syncs up with any Bluetooth compatible device and provides users with a full overlay of customizable emojis that can be adjusted for skin tone and other preferences.

But instead of reading about it (reading is overrated anyway), why not just look at the Emoji Keyboard in action in the video below? It’s available in three different versions including Plus and Pro, but the basic model costs $79.95 and is available for pre-order at the official EmojiWorks online store right here. That’s 47 emojis on the basic, twice that many for Plus, and if you spring for the Pro model, you’ll be getting a whopping 120+ emojis, which I think actually surpasses the number of existent human emotions.

Here’s the video:


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