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Emmitt Smith’s Signature Reebok ES22

by Joseph

Emmitt Smith's signature Reebok

Sneakerheads and Dallas Cowboys fans have been waiting for the re-release of the legendary Emmitt Smith’s signature Reebok sneaker, the Es22. Now, after a 15-year absence, the shoes will be available in their original club blue and black/white colorways.

Smith’s jersey number with the Cowboys, 22, is emblazoned on the back of this retro throwback piece from Reebok. That retro vibe is continued in the functional design of the shoe as well, which features notches designed specifically for gripping old-school Astroturf. If you’d like to grab a pair for yourself, hit the Reebok stockist nearest you after November 21, but be sure to bring $140 in hand.


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