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Emirates Airlines Reveals World’s Largest In-Flight Screens

by AnthonyP

Emirates new inflight entertainment screens

The Dubai-based Emirates Airlines has unveiled what looks to be the largest ever in-flight screens for all of its aircraft, in all of its seats—including economy class.

The new in-flight screens are sized at a rather large 12.1 inches and come complete with high definition displays.

Additionally, fliers in its premium classes will get a whopping 27″ widescreen in First Class and a 20″ widescreen in Business Class.

Emirates has long been recognized as one of the world’s premier airlines, winning awards for its in-flight entertainment and top-notch services from both members of the industry and frequent fliers.

The new upgrades are expected to be made to the Emirates’ fleet of Boeing 777 aircrafts and the new A380 jet airliners starting next year.

Each of the monitors will offer up to 300 movies, music tracks and television programs to keep passengers entertained during their long flights.

Source: Luxuo

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