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New Eminem Track “Rap God” Drops

by Joseph
Marshall Mathers LP 2 Cover

Marshall Mathers LP 2 Cover

Another track from Eminem‘s upcoming album Marshall Mathers LP 2 has hit the internet well in advance of the record’s November 5th release date. It’s called “Rap God,” and it continues Eminem’s tradition of soft-spoken modesty in his music…

Just kidding.

“Rap God” is distinctive from your typical Eminem track in multiple ways, but the most obvious one is its length. At over six minutes long, “Rap God” is a longer than average album track, especially considering the fact that it serves as a de facto single for the record.

You can listen to the new Eminem track “Rap God” below. And if you like it, it’s also available for purchase on iTunes.

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