Home Style Emilia Clarke: ‘Esquire’ Magazine’s 2015 “Sexiest Woman Alive” (Video)

Emilia Clarke: ‘Esquire’ Magazine’s 2015 “Sexiest Woman Alive” (Video)

by Joseph
Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke

It’s that time of the year again,when Esquire crowns its “Sexiest Woman Alive” for 2015. Their choice is one few are likely to have an issue with, even after that bad Terminator movie she was in – Emilia Clarke.

As it turns out, Emilia Clarke is just as sexy in a modern, dragon-free environment as she is on Game of Thrones, as the magazine’s characteristically on-point photo featuring the actress amply proves. The feature also includes an extensive profile on Clarke, who’s getting a reputation as being outspoken on various issues facing women in Hollywood, and refreshingly so.

You can check out some of Emilia Clarke’s 2015 “Sexiest Woman Alive” photo shoot in the video below, tweeted out by the official Esquire Twitter account. And to check out the full story, grab the latest issue of Esquire or head to the magazine’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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