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Elysium Chair is Designed to Make You Feel Weightless

by Joseph


Even in the coming age of space tourism, it’s probably not a good idea to get too hung up on experiencing the sensation of weightlessness. But there’s a new chair that is designed to help you simulate that sensation in your own home, and it costs (a little bit) less than a trip to space. ┬áIt’s Elysium, a handcrafted, limited edition chair.

I am, you understand, not a scientist, so I will not attempt to deconstruct or explain how Elysium achieves its intended effects. But I will say that it is the result of ten years of research by Dr. David Wickett, who designed the chair to “transcend comfort” and give sitters the sensation of floating in a zero-gravity environment.

Now for the bad news: Elysium is available in a limited edition of 20 chairs, and each one costs $26,000. On the average budget, you may just as well hope for a seat on a spaceship, but nevertheless you can check out this incredible chair at the good doctor’s official site right here.

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