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‘Elvis’ 1968 TV Special Coming to Theaters

by Joseph


Yet another 50th anniversary being observed this year is the 1968 comeback special broadcast by Elvis Presley on television. Even if you’re not a fan of the King, you’re probably familiar with certain aspects of the special’s visual presentation, like his black leather stage costume. And even if not, you’ll soon have the chance to catch Elvis on the big screen. Here’s part of a press statement from Authentic Brands Group, holder of the King’s estate:

“Seeing Elvis onscreen is one of the most memorable and influential brand experiences and we look forward to bringing this special and future events to audiences around the world.”

The anniversary of Elvis’ death, August 16th, will be when the first screenings of the special occur, while encore screenings will happen on the 20th. It probably won’t serve as much as a “comeback” this time around, but stay tuned for more info on the screenings as we get closer to August.

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