Home Tech & Gear Elretron Penna: A Retro Wireless Keyboard (Video)

Elretron Penna: A Retro Wireless Keyboard (Video)

by Joseph
Elretron Penna

Elretron Penna

I’m just barely old enough to have used a typewriter when I was a kid, so I can state with firsthand authority that there’s nothing quite like an old-school typewriter keyboard for sonic and tactile satisfaction while typing—modern computers can’t match it, and smartphones and other wireless devices DEFINITELY can’t. Enter the Elretron Penna, a wireless keyboard that’s designed to emulate the classic typewriter’s unique charms.

The Elretron Penna doesn’t just look, feel, and sound like something Jessica Fletcher used to bang out murder books on, but it even has a real, functional “macro bar” that you can program with your desired function. It’s battery powered and can last up to six months between charges, as well as being compatible with a wide range of devices via Bluetooth.

Get a lot more details on the Elretron Penna at the product’s Kickstarter listing right here, with pre-orders starting at just under $90. And check out a video introducing the Penna keyboard below.

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