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ELP Laser Turntable: Play Your Records Without Risking Damage

by Joseph
ELP Laser Turntable

ELP Laser Turntable

The thing about vinyl records is that they sound great, they look great, and they are great. But they’re pretty fragile compared to digital-era audio technology, and that fragility isn’t exactly helped by the fact that in order to listen to them you have to physically drag a needle across its grooves. But what if you didn’t have to touch a record to hear it, similar to the way a CD isn’t physically touched as it plays? That’s the reality offered by the ELP Laser Turntable.

As its name suggests, the ELP Laser Turntable uses a laser rather than a contact stylus to play records, which eliminates wear and tear while producing purportedly unparalleled audio quality, said by ELP to be akin to master tape audio. It’s the next level of analog audio, and it will probably serve as a pretty strong temptation for any serious record collector.

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), the ELP Laser Turntable is expensive enough to keep it a temptation rather than a reality for most people, but you can get a lot more information on the machine (which comes in three differently priced varieties) at its official site right here.

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