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Elmer T. Lee Bourbon

by Joseph
Elmer T. Lee Bourbon

Elmer T. Lee Bourbon

If you’ve ever browsed inside a liquor store, you’re probably used to seeing a parade of southern-inflected names on various products, and assuming they’re the names of long-dead alchohol-smiths who have nothing directly to do with the whiskey inside. You might even assume that about Elmer T. Lee Bourbon, but you’d be wrong.

Even at over 90 years old, Master Distiller Elmer T. Lee is still responsible for personally approving every barrel of Buffalo Trace product. And they’ve finally rewarded him with a namesake bourbon of his own, distilled and bottled to his own exact standards.

Elmer T. Lee Bourbon is said to carry aromas of vanilla, clover, and “old leather,” with flavors like fruit, honey, and vanilla on the tongue.

You can order a $30 bottle of Elmer T. Lee Bourbon directly from Buffalo Trace here.

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