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Ellum: Motion Sensing Light From Feltmark (Video)

by Joseph


Those late-night trips to the bathroom can be more dangerous than you might expect – one misplaced item of clothing (or worse, a table or chair out of place), and you may have a Chevy Chase-worthy pratfall on your hands. Reduce the risk with Ellum, a new motion-sensing light from Feltmark.

Ellum lights run on batteries which means they can be put anywhere in your home where they’ll do the most good. They come on automatically whenever motion happens nearby, which means they won’t burn through a bunch of unnecessary energy but you also won’t have to stumble around in the dark in order to turn them on.

The advantages of a motion-sensing light or two in your home should be obvious, but if you still need more info you can check out Ellum in the video below. At the Feltmark online store here, prices on the lights start at $130 and go up from there depending on size.

Here’s the video:


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