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Hidden Camera Foot Locker Prank Seen On ‘Ellen’ (Video)

by Joseph
Jacques Slade on Ellen

Jacques Slade on Ellen

Famous sneakerhead Jacques Slade of Today in Sneaks (check it out here) happened to be in the right Foot Locker at the right time when he was the subject of a hidden-camera prank on Ellen.

The prank involved an ostensible employee of the sneaker retailer acting in a bizarre fashion, but Slade maintained a cool, calm and collected demeanor throughout the exchange. And for his stoicism, he received Ellen DeGeneres’ “The Most Patience in a Hidden Camera Prank” award, as well as a $1,000 Foot Locker gift card (and a bunch of free publicity for his sneaker vlog).

You can see the video below. It’s not the funniest hidden camera prank in the world, but not bad for daytime TV.

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