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Element Indoor Smokeless Barbecue From Brassé

by Joseph

Brasse Indoor Element Barbecue

It’s summer, so you’re often greeted by the delicious smell of barbecue smoke whenever you walk outside.  And while it may smell great, that smoke can be a pain to deal with, as are many other aspects of outdoor heavy-duty grilling. If it’s all a little too much for you, consider this Indoor Element Barbecue from Brassé. It retails for $225, but this is very far from your average George Foreman grill.

It works by using your stove (gas or electric) to heat up built-in lava rocks that will give your meats and vegetables that elusive barbecue flavor that used to only come from outdoor grills and expensive charcoal.

Maybe on the next 4th of July, you’ll find yourself barbecuing inside with your Indoor Element Barbecue.

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