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‘Electric Objects IRL’ Digital Art Exhibition

by Joseph
Electric Objects IRL

Electric Objects IRL

Electric Objects is a company that’s made its name (such as it is) with the E01, computers that act as real-time digital art displays. But their value as actual art media in an exhibition context hadn’t really been explored until Electric Objects IRL, the company’s ongoing art exhibition in New York City.

Electric Objects IRL features pieces displayed on E01s from artists like Bjork, Ai Wei Wei, Zach Gage, and more. Some of the pieces are interactive, and visitors can also select handmade wooden frames for the E01 that are available in a limited edition specifically for this exhibition.

It’s clearly not like any traditional art exhibition you’ve been to, and you can check out Electric Objects IRL at the New Museum Store in New York, where E01s can also be seen in a window display in front of the store. For more on the project, head over to the official Electric Objects site right here.


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