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“Electric Intercourse”: Stream a Previously Unreleased Prince Song

by Joseph
Electric Intercourse Prince

Electric Intercourse Prince

One June 23rd, fans of the late Prince will get something they’ve been dreaming about for decades; a deluxe reissue of Purple Rain, loaded with previously unreleased bonus tracks, some of which haven’t ever been heard before in any form, bootleg or otherwise. Today, a single off of that reissue was released by Warner Bros., and “Electric Intercourse” is a thrilling trip back to when Prince was in his purple prime.

Previously only existent in shoddy, fan-made concert recordings, “Electric Intercourse” has been completely remastered (a process that Prince himself was working on before he died), and if it’s a taste of what the Purple Rain reissue will be like, then the best album of 2017 might have actually been recorded in 1983.

Uh, I don’t want to hype it up too much, though. So listen to “Electric Intercourse” below, if you feel like it, and keep your eyes and ears on your music outlet of choice for that deluxe Purple Rain reissue, set to drop on June 23rd.

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