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Elastic Precision Rubber Band Guns (Video)

by Joseph
Elastic Precision

Elastic Precision

The rubber band gun is a relic from a different time, when little kids liked to play cowboys & Indians and westerns were all over TV and the big screen. But they’re still around and Etsy retailer Elastic Precision is making them in a much more elaborate fashion than the usual couple pieces of wood and a nail or two.

The Elastic Precision rubber band guns are all handmade and (and some are made-to-order) out of high-quality woods like hard maple and walnut. And they come in a wide variety of different designs, including a Walther PPK replica (featured above) for when you want to shoot rubber bands like 007 himself.

Homemade rubber band guns also pale in comparison to Elastic Precision joints in the realm of functionality, with these guns firing off several rubber bands without the shooter having to reload. You can see a brief demonstration of one of the rubber band guns in the video below, and to buy just head over to the brand’s Etsy store here, where the guns start at just under $20, and you can also get a “lifetime supply” of rubber band ammunition for $15.99.

Here’s the video:

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