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Elago W3: Turn Your Apple Watch Into a Vintage Mac

by Joseph
Elago W3

Elago W3

One of the things that fans love about Apple is the sense of continuity between products and designs, sometimes seeming like one big piece with multiple components. But there’s a new product that lets you draw a direct line between the Apple Watch and the classic Macintosh computer that not even Steve Jobs could have visualized: the Elago W3.

The Elago W3 is a stand for your Apple Watch that effectively turns it into a tiny Macintosh computer replica in conjunction with the Apple Watch’s “Nightstand Mode.” It’s basically a cosmetic feature, but it does work with both Apple Watch chargers, and there’s a non-functional floppy disk drive for one more extra jolt of nostalgia.

If you already have an Apple Watch and you want to use it to hearken back to another, simpler era, you can purchase an Elago W3 stand from the Elago online store right here, where it’s currently priced at just under $14.

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