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El Purista: The Armchair for Dedicated Smokers

by Joseph
El Purista

El Purista

The age of the serious, dedicated smoker is mostly a bygone one, as the health risks of regular smoking have gradually outweighed the benefits in the popular consciousness. But for those brave holdouts who continue to enjoy a fine cigar, the El Purista armchair is probably the best possible way to do it.

The El Purista is expressly designed for the purpose of having a sit and a smoke, with a pair of hidden storage compartments in the arms for keeping your cigars and other accoutrements. It’s made by hand in Germany from premium beech, walnut, and leather, so even without the cigar it’s a pretty good place to seat yourself.

Or at least it will be once the El Purista armchair is released for purchase. In the meantime you can check out the chair at its official site here, although it is in German so you may have to do a little work to parse it all.

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