Home Tech & Gear Ekocycle Cube: 3D Printing With Recycled Materials (Video)

Ekocycle Cube: 3D Printing With Recycled Materials (Video)

by Joseph
Ekocycle Cube

Ekocycle Cube

You’ve probably seen those ads featuring will.i.am and Coca-Cola that are all about recycling old stuff to make new stuff. Now, the two are partnering with 3D Systems to make that idea literal with the Ekocycle Cube, a 3D printer that will use recycled plastic bottles for its printing materials.

When I first read about the Ekocycle Cube 3D printer, I was envisioning a Jetsons-like device that you feed old plastic bottles into and take your 3D designs out of. Unfortunately, we’re not quite at that level of technology yet, so instead the Ekocycle Cube uses filament cartridges that are partially made from recycled materials.

Pricing and release information on the Ekocycle Cube is still to come, but you can check out the product’s website here, which is recommended if you like reading quotes from will.i.am. You can also watch a short introductory video for the Ekocycle Cube below.


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