Home Entertainment ‘Eighty-Sixed’: New Web Series Created by Larry David’s Daughter Cazzie (Video)

‘Eighty-Sixed’: New Web Series Created by Larry David’s Daughter Cazzie (Video)

by Joseph


Curb Your Enthusiasm is coming back to HBO in the near future, but no one knows when it will finally return. Thankfully, we now have something of a stopgap in the form of Eighty-Sixed, a new web series from Larry David’s daughter Cazzie.

But it would be a disservice to Cazzie David and the rest of the talent behind Eighty-Sixed to characterize it as a Millennial, social media-obsessed spin on Curb. While some of the show’s humor is unmistakably in a Larry David vein, it has its own unique viewpoint and sensibility—for one thing, I’m pretty sure LD has no idea what Snapchat even is.

See the first episode of Eighty-Sixed below, and if you like it, you’re in luck, because there are currently three additional episodes of the show at its YouTube channel right here, where you can (hopefully) stay tuned for more. And if you’re really lucky, you’ll have another day or two of weather that’s cold enough for you to find someone wearing a puffy jacket and hit them as hard as you can.


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