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Eight: “The Most Advanced Heating Pad”

by Joseph


In most parts of the western hemisphere, this winter has been unseasonably warm from the start, but you wouldn’t know that from when you get out of bed in the morning. However, to achieve the next step in bed warmth technology, you pretty much have to turn to Eight.

Eight is billed as “the most advanced heating pad,” which has to be one of those things you might think you don’t need/want now, but after you get one you’ll wonder how you were even able to survive without it. It’s far more than just a heating pad, using smart sensors to analyze practically every condition, from humidity, to light and noise levels, and more, to pinpoint the exact temperature for your best night’s sleep.

Naturally, the Eight cover can be controlled manually as well, via smartphone. For more information on what it can do, and to reserve yours now for under $100, head over to the product’s official site right here.

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