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Eero: WiFi for Every Area of Your House

by Joseph

It won’t be too long now before we look back at the years we spent trying to use WiFi with a single router no matter the size of the home or office and laugh, kind of like we do at clunky car phones or pagers now in 2015. For proof, I offer Eero, a new way to handle home WiFi was designed to offer full coverage with no dead spots and no screwups.

Basically, for a little under $300 you get a set of three Eero boxes that cover your house or office in a “mesh network” that covers the whole place. Setup is also designed to be as smart and simple as possible, using a smartphone to activate and invite others to get online. And unlike most routers (as if it wasn’t already enough unlike them), it updates automatically so once it’s installed you’ll (hopefully) have no more WiFi-related grief for awhile.

A single Eero box will cost you $125, but you really have to get all three for the full effect. You can see a few photos in the gallery below, and for more information as well as to buy just head to the product’s official site here.

Here’s the gallery:


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