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Edyn Smart Gardening (Video)

by Joseph


Gardening, for most people, is tricky, and even the most gifted Drearcliff Grange-ready green thumbs can use a little technology-guided assistance out there in the soil. Edyn provided just such assistance, in the form of a sensor you plant in the ground and a companion app that shows you how to make the most of your plants, herbs, and/or fungi.

Edyn monitors all the relevant data in your garden, including light levels, humidity, temperature, nutrients, and more. It compares how your garden is doing against various other guideposts and databases, then delivers personalized instructions on how to improve your harvest. It also includes the Edyn Water Valve, which precisely calibrates the exact amount of water your plants need, saving them from those perennial scourges of amateur gardening—over- and under-watering.

Now that a seed of interest in Edyn has been planted in your mind, cultivate it by watching the introductory video below. And if you’re ready to pluck that root out of the ground, you can buy your own smart gardening system here for $100.

Here’s the video:

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