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Ecocapsule by Nice Architects: Portable, Low-Energy Domicile

by Joseph


Look around your house or apartment – way too much space, right? And let’s face it, you don’t really need most of that, nor do you really need all that stuff you’ve filled it up with, so why not buy an Ecocapsule and live your whole life inside a small, off-the-grid space?

The Ecocapsule is roughly the size of a small camper, but it’s designed to sustain an environmentally friendly lifestyle in practically any environment, with all … well, some of the comforts of home. That includes a warm bed, a hot meal, a place to work, and running water, all compressed inside its strategically designed space. And during your Ecocapsule adventure, there won’t be any need to recharge or refuel your house, since it’s powered by solar and wind energy through a high-capacity battery that can keep it running even during extended periods of low solar or wind activity.

Details (such as pricing) on the Ecocapsule project from Nice Architects are set to come out later this year, but you can get some more information on it here at its official site. Then, you might want to start getting ready for that garage sale, because you’ve got a lot of stuff to get rid of – including your garage.

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