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Ecobranding: Ink-Saving Alternative Logos

by Joseph


Conservation is an important thing, and in the corporate world a little bit of conservation can have exponential effects. A new project seeks to encourage corporations to save in an unexpected place: Ink. It’s called Ecobranding.

Ecobranding is billed as “a more ecological branding design, a new approach to the brand design process,” and the cool part is that all of the proposed alternative logos feel like plausible improvements over the original. In graphic design it’s often said that less is more, and this seems to be proof. The three main points of each alternative logo are as follows:

  1. Visual Performance – Creates Recognition
  2. Ecological Performance – Limit the Environmental Impact
  3. Economical Performance – Control Production Costs

So there you have it. It’s a pretty fascinating idea, and you can read all about it at the Ecobranding site right here. And if you start seeing new, stylized logos all over the place, you’ll know that it worked.

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