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Eclipse Universal Charger Gets Rid of Messy Cable Tangles

by Joseph


If you have the average gamut of mobile and other electronic devices in your home, you are doubtlessly familiar with the dreaded charging cable tangle, an impenetrable mass of myriad cords, cables, wires, and plugs that is as stressful to look at as it is to deal with. Eclipse is a new universal USB charger that does away with it…All of it.

Eclipse does that by providing space for up to three USB charging cables to be wrapped around its circular body, out of sight and out of mind. It’s also designed to charge those devices much faster than you’re used to, and all the cables feed into one power cord that hooks into the wall, so you free up two extra wall outlets as well.

It probably goes without saying that Eclipse is also a triumph of visual design that won’t give you a headache to look at it, either. In fact, the only likely headache you’ll get is the five months you’ll have to wait if you pre-order one from the product’s official Kickstarter right here.

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