Home Entertainment New ‘EA Sports UFC’ Promo Shows Bruce Lee Gameplay (Video)

New ‘EA Sports UFC’ Promo Shows Bruce Lee Gameplay (Video)

by Joseph
EA Sports UFC Featuring Bruce Lee

EA Sports UFC Featuring Bruce Lee

The upcoming video game EA Sports UFC is hotly anticipated for many reasons, chief among them the ability to play as the most legendary fighter in pop culture history: Bruce Lee. After teasing Bruce Lee as a character in the game for a while now, EA has released a new promotional video that shows some in-game action featuring Lee, as well as testimonials from current UFC figures and game creators on the Dragon’s impact on them.

The promo leans heavily on the idea that Bruce Lee is the “father of mixed martial arts” due to so many in the field being inspired by him. It also touches on how EA Sports UFC’s creators wanted players to feel Lee’s legendary speed and strength when they play as the character in the game.

When EA Sports UFC hits store shelves on June 17th, those who pre-ordered the game here will be able to play as Bruce Lee right off the bat. Everyone else will have to unlock him through beating the game, but everybody can get a sneak preview of what’s in store by watching the video from EA Sports below.




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