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Dyson CSYS Task Light Can Last 37 Years

by Joseph
Dyson CSYS Task Light

Dyson CSYS Task Light

This is probably just me, but I get kind of freaked out when I think about new light bulbs that can last a really long time, just because it’s weird to imagine buying a light bulb now and not having to change it until you’re 15 years older. But the people at Dyson have already outdone themselves with the Dyson CSYS Task Light, which can purportedly make its LED bulb last up to 37 years!

The average LED light is already pretty impressive, lasting anywhere from five to 17 years, but the Dyson CSYS Task Light has a special cooling system that can expand that lifespan significantly – to as much as 37 years. Imagine how old you’ll be in 37 years and maybe you’ll get a little freaked out too.

The Dyson CSYS Task Light has more than just longevity on its side, with glide motion across three axises, continuous dimming, and touch control. And it costs a mean $649 over at the official Dyson site here, but think about all the money you’ll save on light bulbs before your 64th birthday.

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