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Duo: A Digital Home Assistant Inside a Mirror (Video)

by Joseph


Mirror, mirror on the wall” is a phrase normally associated with magic, but that old adage about any sufficiently advanced technology seeming like magic has seemed to have caught up with the Man in the Mirror. Only this time, it’s called Duo, and it’s a smart home assistant built into a mirror.

Duo is billed as “an AI computer for your home,” but hopefully you won’t have to worry about it going insane and trying to kill you by hacking into your appliances or anything like that. Instead, it plays music and videos, gives news and weather alerts, can hook into your lights and thermostat, and more, all at the sound of your voice. Siri and Alexa are joined in the voice-controlled AI field by Albert, who can be customized and even gender-switched according to the user’s choice.

Introduce yourself to the new dynamic Duo below. And for more details, or to place a pre-order for $399, check out the product’s official site here.

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