Home Entertainment ‘Dunkirk’: Teaser Drops for New Upcoming Christopher Nolan Film (Video)

‘Dunkirk’: Teaser Drops for New Upcoming Christopher Nolan Film (Video)

by Joseph


We live in an era of shamelessly elaborate promotions for movies that no one actually cares that much about, but a new Christopher Nolan movie is still a big deal.  That explains why the first teaser for the upcoming Nolan joint Dunkirk isn’t called a teaser, but an “announcement.”

You might not get it all from this announcement, but Dunkirk is a war epic about Operation Dynamo, a mission to get 300,000 troops out of Nazi-surrounded Dunkirk, France, from where the film derives its title. The tagline is “Survival Is Victory,” which shows how this movie might have a different approach from the usual war movie.

You can see the “announcement” of Dunkirk below. The movie comes out on July 21st, 2017, and in the meantime before next summer (and to get a jump on any future announcements regarding this very important film), you can stay tuned to its official site right here.

Here’s the trailer:


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