Home Travel ‘Dubai Flow Motion’: Cool Hyperlapse Short Film of Dubai (Video)

‘Dubai Flow Motion’: Cool Hyperlapse Short Film of Dubai (Video)

by Joseph
Dubai Flow Motion

Dubai Flow Motion

Rob Whitworth is a filmmaker who specializes in distinctive hyperlapse/time-lapse cinematography, and his latest joint takes viewers on a tour of the city of Dubai in just over three minutes. It’s called Dubai Flow Motion, and while it’s not quite as good as actually visiting Dubai from yourself, it might be the next best thing.

Dubai Flow Motion isn’t just a simple travelogue, though – it’s visually spectacular, and Whitworth even finds room for some jokes and sight gags in between the spectacle. And a lot of the time-lapse photography is presented in a single take, with no optical tricks or special effects used to capture many of the shots.

You can watch the Dubai Flow Motion short film for yourself below. And even if you can’t book a flight to Dubai right away, you can check out more hyperlapse cinematography (as well as other work) from filmmaker Rob Whitworth, at his official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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