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DTV Shredder: ATV Meets Segway Meets Tank

by Joseph
DTV Shredder

Segways are cool. ATVs are cool too, as are tanks. So it’s not rocket science that if you take these three vehicles and mash them together into one overstuffed design, the result will be pretty darn cool. The people at BPG Werks have done just that, and it’s called the DTV Shredder.

The DTV Shredder is built to shred through all kinds of terrain in all kinds of weather, with tank tracks and a DUAL-CTV transmission system that reads the movements of your body and translates them into the movement of the vehicle (just like a Segway, only way more powerful and durable). The turn system is likened to the sensation of riding a snowboard down a mountain, which is yet another exciting component of this new kind of outdoor vehicle.

Release details on the DTV Shredder, such as release dates and pricing, are still to come. But you can see a few photos of the vehicle in the gallery below, and get a lot more information over at the BPG Werks website here.

Here’s the gallery:

DTV ShredderDTV ShredderDTV ShredderDTV Shredder


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