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DSPTCH Pencil Cases

by Joseph

DSPTCH Pencil Cases

I was just thinking the other night how even though I barely ever use a pen or a pencil these days, it would be nice if I got organized and kept some in one place so I could find them easily on the rare occasions that I do need one. So maybe I should get one of the new pencil cases from DSPTCH.

The DSPTCH pencil cases stand up on any flat surface while remaining free of any rigid construction elements, sort of like one of those clothes hampers your mom got you when you went off to college. And despite its name, it can hold pens, rulers, loose change, and pretty much any other pocket-sized miscellany that you might feel like putting away.

For more information on the DSPTCH pencil case, head over to DSPTCH’s online store here, where a case can be had for $28 on the dot. Then, you should probably buy some pens and pencils so you have something to put inside it when it gets to your house.

(via Freshness)

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