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The Drunkin Donut: Alcohol-Infused Desserts

by Joseph
The Drunkin Donut

The Drunkin Donut

It’s hard to say where inspiration comes from. Sometimes it just flashes over your brain with no explanation, but other times it can come from a simple typo, like typing “Drunkin Donuts” instead of “Dunkin Donuts.” I don’t know if that’s how the real Drunkin Donut came into reality, but it makes a pretty good story, right?

Basically, The Drunken Donut is an online retailer where you can buy desserts (not just donuts) that have been infused with alcohol, making them a sugary treat that will also get you drunk. Martini Donuts, Drunkin Cannoli, Drunkin Brownies, and more are all available from The Drunkin Donut. And if you’re skeptical about ordering pastries through the mail, don’t worry—they’re all baked to order and engineered to ship without losing their essential Drunkin-ness.

You can head to The Drunkin Donut’s website here to make purchases, read testimonials, or just get hungry reading about pastries. And the next time you make a typo while typing or texting, remember to stop and think whether you just had a million dollar idea.

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