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Drumi: Environmentally Friendly Foot-Powered Washing Machine

by Joseph
YiREGO Drumi

Doing the laundry, no matter what power-saving settings your machine has, or how much of a hook-up your local laundromat gives you, is guaranteed to be a waste of time and energy. We only do it this way because there’s no better way – at least until now, with the unveiling of the Drumi from YiREGO, a company founded on ideals of environmental sustainability and efficiency.

I expect most people would scoff at the idea of a foot-powered washing machine, but before you dismiss the YiREGO Drumi, consider the quality exercise you could get just from washing your clothes once a week. And that doesn’t even begin to address the positive impact you’d be having on the environment by washing your clothes in five-minute cycles, much more efficiently than any traditional washing machine.

Sure, a foot-powered washing machine is a hard sell for most people. But if you’re willing to start saving massive amounts of energy (and burn some caloric energy of your own in the process), you can get more information on Drumi over at the official TiREGO site right here. A crowdfunding campaign is in the works, but you can pre-order your machine now for $129, and check out a couple of photos of the machine in the gallery below.

YiREGO DrumiYiREGO Drumi

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