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DropCatch: A Magnetic Bottle Opener

by Joseph

Bottle caps, bottle caps, bottle caps: What do you do with them?

They have a tendency to accumulate wherever beers and sodas are consumed, and it can be more of a hassle than it seems to get them all disposed of properly. The DropCatch bottle opener provides an interesting solution to this issue—magnets.

Once you install a DropCatch in your kitchen, it will start catching up to 52 bottle caps (depending on which size you get) with eye-catching ease. Then, when it finally gets full, just sweep the caps into the nearest receptacle. It’s scientific, and fun.

You can get an idea of how the DropCatch bottle opener works by checking out the photos in the gallery up top. And head over to the project’s Kickstarter page here to get in on the action.

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