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Drone Waiters Serve Diners in Singapore Restaurant (Photos)

by Joseph
Drone Waiters

Drones often get a bad rap in the media for their participation in cold, inhumane methods of warfare or spying on innocent citizens, but they can be put to less sinister uses too. Take, for example, drone waiters, which were recently seen in action at Singapore’s Timbre @ Substation.

Timbre @ Substation’s drone waiters weren’t able to replace old-fashioned human waiters completely, instead taking drinks and dishes from the kitchen to a designated drop-off and extraction point where they could then be delivered to tables by humans. The point of the whole enterprise, besides publicity, is to give the human waiters more time to do what they theoretically do best: Focus on customer service without worrying about menial busywork.

You can see a few photos of Timbre @ Substation’s drone waiters in action in the gallery below. And for more information on the drones, which are expected to get a wider roll-out later this year, check out an article about them here.

Here’s the gallery:

Drone WaitersDrone WaitersDrone Waiters

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