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Drone vs McLaren: Video Shows Race in Dubai (Video)

by Joseph
Drone vs McLaren

Drone vs McLaren

Drone racing hasn’t been a thing for very long, but it’s already crossing over into the field of interdisciplinary competition in advance of the upcoming World Drone Prix in Dubai. A promotional video for the event shows a Drone vs McLaren race that should put to rest any questions about drones’ ability to compete.

Just to make things extra-interesting, the McLaren in the Drone vs McLaren race is a McLaren P1 on loan from the Dubai Police Force, and the drone is being piloted by a child. It’s not a race of pure speed, either, as each driver has to hit certain checkpoints on his way to the finish line.

It’s pretty cool stuff, although the fact that it’s a promotional video for the World Drone Prix later this month should remove a little bit of suspense over who’s going to win. You should still watch the Drone vs McLaren race in the video below, though, and for more on the World Drone Prix just head over to the event’s official site right here.

Here’s the video:

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