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Drinkwel: A “Multivitamin for People Who Drink”

by Joseph


Picture a Venn diagram showing the overlap between “healthy people” and “people who drink.” There’s probably a bigger overlap than you might think at first, and there’s a new product out there that caters to that very demographic. It’s called Drinkwel, and it’s billed as “the multivitamin for people who drink.” It sounds a little defensive, but otherwise an interesting idea.

Drinkwel is engineered specifically not just to give users their recommended intake of vitamins, but also to offset the harmful effects of alcohol consumption and keep your liver as pink as a baby (or whatever color a liver is supposed to be). It’s a daily multivitamin, so you’re supposed to take one every day, which may or may not be the case with alcoholic beverages.

For more information on Drinkwel, and to buy a 90-day supply for $39.95, just head over to the product’s website right here, where you can also get more information on ingredients, customer testimonials and more. All I want to know is why they didn’t call it “BottomsUp.”

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